Hello there, I’m Taylor. As a professional B2B content writer, I love to solve problems that face small- and medium-sized business owners. Because I have an inquisitive mindset, I enjoy learning about challenges and opportunities that other people have. This mindset motivates me to help solve their problems so that they can be successful as a business.

Work Experience

My interest in solving business problems started with my first job out of college, where I worked at IBM as a sales and marketing representative.

This experience allowed me to see the challenges that different companies faced. From billing and accounts receivable to inventory control and supply chain management, I learned how companies could use technology to solve many of their most vexing problems.

Because of my 25 years of working with businesses ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small start-ups, I know the challenges that you need to overcome. Through running my own shop for many years, I know how stressful it can be to meet payroll and generate new business.


I hold a Bachelor of Science Degree in Travel and Tourism from Brigham Young University.  While studying at BYU, I worked many different part-time jobs, which exposed me to how different companies are run. This is where I gained valuable experience in how businesses can succeed or fail.

While working full-time after college, I also earned my MBA from the University of Phoenix. It was during this time that I learned even more about global business and the issues that they encounter as they scale their operations across many different regions of the world.

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