Case studies: Whenever you want to highlight a success story, you can use case studies to identify a customer problem and how your product or service helped them to achieve real results. I can help you to tell your story in a way that is both believable and convincing.

Blogs/Articles: Buyers choose companies and people with whom they have built strong connections. I can help you build trust within your audience by writing articles on your website as well as on different social media platforms.

Brochures: A one- or multi-page brochure can be used by your sales reps as a way to contact your company again. I can create a simple deliverable for them to leave behind when making a face-to-face sales call.

Websites: The words on your website matter. They build and reinforce your brand, so I can help you say the right things to your prospects and customers.

White papers: An in-depth research paper about a particular problem can be difficult to articulate. I can gather the appropriate facts and present them in a logical and persuasive manner that will highlight the challenges and solutions of your chosen topic.

Emails: If you need to generate leads, nurture your prospects, or shine the light on a new product or service, I can write the email copy that will drive the prospect to take action.

Product descriptions: Your products and services need to stand out with strong features and benefits. I can provide clear and compelling descriptions that are geared toward your target audience that will differentiate you from your competition.

Advertisements: Whenever you want to advertise in trade journals or magazines, I can create a consistent brand message that will spur more prospects to contact you. From banner ads to half- or full-page, wherever you wish to shine.

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