Helping small- and medium-sized companies thrive!

As a leader of a small- to medium-sized company, you have a lot on your plate. You are managing a team, you’re trying to meet deadlines, and you’re trying to get projects done on time. On top of all that, you have to find a seasoned copywriter who fully understands your challenges as a business owner. That’s a tall order.

That’s where I come in. My name is Taylor Stonely, and here’s how I can help:

-I’m a seasoned sales and marketing copywriter who works with small- to medium-sized companies
-I have run my own photography business
-I understand the challenges you face with cutting costs and generating revenue

Do you have a project that you want to get off the ground? Let’s talk!

“Taylor Stonely recently designed a website for my company, Therapedia, LLC. His workmanship and professionalism were outstanding. He took the time to listen and observe in order to best represent the practice and to be inclusive of information that we desired to share with visitors to the site. His work was accomplished on a very timely basis and he consistently went above and beyond to ensure that he was providing a product that aligned with the goals of the company. His creativity and talent, combined with his teamwork with us, has resulted in a product that we are very proud of. Thank you Taylor!” – Debra Kitchens, PT, Owner of Therapedia, LLC